News » 15.03.2009 - Denora 1.4.3 and phpDenora 1.4.0-RC1 released

Roughly 6 months after the last release, here comes Denora 1.4.3.
What's new: Inspircd 1.2 support, improved Plexus3 support, improved Nick Tracking, and many, many bug fixes.

  • if you are upgrading, please refer to the README file for instructions on how to update the SQL database
  • if you are using the seen and/or the lastspoke module, you will need to upgrade those to the just released new versions

Please report any problems or comments to the Denora Bug Tracker. Thank you!
We recommend everyone upgrades to this new and shiny version!

In other news: phpDenora 1.4.0-RC1 has been released as well.
While there are not many visible changes, there have been several bug fixes and improvements under the hood. This version is now UTF-8 based and has a reorganized file structure, the main reasons for not naming this phpDenora 1.2.4. Since energies are now mostly put into the upcoming phpDenora2 version, nothing really spectacular has made its way into phpDenora 1.4.
However, due to the 18 months of accumulated bug fixes, it's recommended to upgrade. Please report any problems or comments to the phpDenora Bug Tracker. Thank you!