News » 08.09.2008 - Denora 1.4.2 released!

Shortly after releasing version 1.4.1 for Windows, it became clear that the problem was not really solved. It worked fine for some people, it did not for others. But finally we found the actual cause of all evil, reverted the workarounds and fixed the code properly. So Denora 1.4.2 is the first stable release for Windows in over 3 years.

Besides this, this new release contains some interesting bug fixes for everyone: the chanstats exclude system was kind of broken and has been fixed, corrupt tld/ctcp overall counts in flatfiles and corrupt chanstats count issues got fixed as well, plus a series of minor bug fixes make this release a must for all Denora users.

Enjoy this release! As always, please give us feedback through our Bug Tracker.