News » 08.01.2008 - Denora 1.4.0 RC2 released!

Roll the drums... here comes a new Denora release!

As you may have noticed, things didn't go by plan since our RC1 release back in August. Basically having got stuck due to a nasty bug that affects SQL usage on Windows, we wanted to wait to fix it before releasing the new stable version of Denora. The bad news is we didn't manage to fix Denora on Win32+SQL, the good news is that we fixed tons of bugs and improved IRCd support dramatically since RC1, especially for InspIRCd 1.1 and P10-based IRCds. We would like to thank all those involved in testing and bug reporting, you have been of great help to us!

So here comes Denora 1.4.0 RC2, which should run really well on *nix systems. We're confident that you will like this new release!
As we are at it we would like some help from you: if you got an idea on how we can make Denora work on Windows again with SQL, then go ahead and add a comment to bug #435 in the Bug Tracker. We will really appreciate that. Basically, the issue we are having is that Denora crashes while trying to printf SQL queries past a certain size, even though our code conforms to ANSI and C specs. Please, help us get this fixed :)

We really encourage all users to upgrade to Denora 1.4.0 RC2 and let us know if you encounter any problems via the Bug Tracker.
Please follow the up-to-date install/upgrade instructions in our WIKI to ensure you do everything right!

You can download files here.
You can review Changes here.