News » 17.07.2007 - Help Needed for Denora

We are looking for help in the following areas

  1. Language translators, people interested in helping translate our language files to their language. Currently we have English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish.
  2. QA, people whom are interesting in testing, weeding down the bugs and generally helping out with the project.
  3. Coders, people whom are able to write in C/C++, willing to help fix, and expand the code.
  4. Coders/developers interested in the creation of Denora 2, probably in C++.
  5. Please report the bugs you have found. For more information visit

You can visit our Website at Contact us in #denora on, you can talk to DrStein, Hal9000, or send an e-mail to You can also visit or recruitment page at

Thanks in advance!