News » 03.04.2006 - The Future of phpDenora Development

As things are starting to shape out, it's time to talk a bit about phpDenora's future :)
Version 1.0.0-rc3 has been out for about a month now and is proving to be of pretty good quality after all. I am just waiting the final release of Denora 1.2 to release phpDenora 1.0.0 as stable, mainly because I won't support any previous Denora versions. In the meantime, development of phpDenora v2 has already started but is only in its initial stages.
I have written a post in the Denora forum about the plans for phpDenora version 2. Feel free to post your comments and suggestions in the forum, about things you'd like to see changes in the next version etc!

Read and discuss the post now!