News » 13.09.2009 - Denora 1.4.4 & phpDenora 1.4.1 released

Hello everyone. I'm pleased to announce the simultaneous release of Denora 1.4.4 and phpDenora 1.4.1. To make this short, here are the most significant changes.

Denora: improved support for a variety of ircds, including InspIRCd 1.1 and 1.2, all P10-based ircds, Hybrid, Plexus3, Charybdis and ngircd, and added support for the upcoming Nefarious 1.3 ircu. Added an option to ignore all +B (bot) users from chanstats. Fixed ignore forgetting ignores. Removed the annoying chanstats automerge on user quit and improved ustatsregistered option, which now also supports user accounts, other than +r users (by the way, this option makes Denora chanstats ignore users who are not registered. This improves nick tracking quite a bit while decreasing db size, so we recommend you enable this option). Many other fixes and improvements.

phpDenora: PHP 5.3 support. Some performance improvements and lower SQL load. Nefarious 1.3 support. Various bug fixes.

Both updates are recommended so everyone should upgrade! Please follow the usual instructions when upgrading. Also, take a look at the Changes.conf files, as for both Denora and phpDenora there have been some changes there.

I would like to thank everyone using this software, helping making it more popular and better.

Enjoy these new releases!