News » 17.09.2009 - Reminder: when you upgrade Denora, do it properly!

Unfortunately, a large number of users upgrades their Denora installations without following the upgrade procedure described on the download page, then complain that their phpDenora installs don't show any channels.

Denora 1.4.3 introduced a bug where in some scenarios the channel list in phpDenora would be empty. This was fixed in Denora 1.4.4 but it is necessary that you run the ./mydbgen utility to upgrade (fix) the database schema before starting Denora 1.4.4 for the first time.

Alternatively, run this SQL query
ALTER TABLE `chan` CHANGE `mode_ls` `mode_ls` ENUM( 'Y', 'N' ) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'N'
then restart Denora.

Thank you for listening