News » 04.11.2009 - Project Management System back up... [update] no it is not!

Some of you might have noticed that in the past days our project management system at has been down. Severe software problems related to Redmine led to this unfortunate yet needed decision. And not for the first time since we introduced it.

In an attempt to give Redmine one last chance, it has been updated and tweaked, and is being closely monitored. Should problems continue to arise, Denora will be forced to switch to another project management system.

We apologize for the disruption and hope to be able to keep the whole thing running smooth and stable.

UPDATE 1 [Nov. 5]: oops, it did it again. If anyone knows of any other system that allows migration from Redmine, please let us know. We will take anything. Really.

UPDATE 2 [Nov. 8]: after having redmine have another go with a reduced feature set the past two days, the same problems arised once again. This means that Redmine is now officially dead for us. We will migrate the users to another solution (maybe trac, maybe mantis, maybe something else...), which will probably involve resetting passwords, and manually migrate all currently open issues. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 3 [Nov. 30]: I apologize for the delay in setting up the new bug tracker. There is a possibility of joining te Anope bug tracker, meaning we would share the user accounts etc. We are currently working on setting up a working installation end evaluating faisability. I expect a decision to be made within this week.