News » 03.12.2009 - Resurrecting part I

After over a month without Forums, Wiki nor Bug Tracker, Denora is slowly getting up again, and with some big news 

Denora's and phpDenora's Forums, Wikis and Bug Trackers will be integrated into the Anope Project facilities. This means that as of now, the Forums are reachable at and the Wiki at Work on the common Bug Tracker is still in progress and we expect it to be ready later this month.

The transition to Anope means that your Denora usernames are no longer valid. If you have an Anope username, you can logon just with that. If you don't, you will need to register at

To report any issues, please use the Forums for now. By the way, the Wiki pages will be populated over the next days.

We sincerely apologize for this long service disruption and are confident that the new solution will bring advantages to all partys, in both short and long term.

- Hal9000