News » 11.01.2010 - Resurrecting part II

As you probably already know, at the end of October we were forced to shut down our Redmine installation, following several memory leak problems which affected the stability of the whole production server running it.

One month ago we restored our Wiki and Forum functionality, and now we finally have a new Bug Tracker! As with the other new services, we now share the Bug Tracker with the Anope project, which just migrated from Bugzilla to Mantis.

The transition to Anope means that your Denora usernames are no longer valid. If you have an Anope username, you can logon just with that. If you don't, you will need to register at

For technical reasons, the existing issues could not be imported. However, all issues that were open at the time of closing down Redmine were manually added to our new Bug Tracker.

I would like to sincerely thank the Anope team for sharing their support services with the Denora project, this is very much appreciated. Thank you!