News » 05.07.2010 - phpDenora 1.4.4 released

Marking almost 5 years since the first phpDenora preview release (0.9.0), today we release version 1.4.4.

There have been fixes to the remote api, to table sorting (bug introduced in the last release), opers with service mode are now hidden, added basic Mibbit integration and a new Brazilian Portuguese language file. That's about it.

Starting from today, the old phpDenora 1.2 series (for PHP 4.x-5.1.x) is not being supported anymore. As for the current phpDenora 1.4 series, 1.4.4 marks the last release. phpDenora development has officially ceased and 1.4.4 will be supported until the first version of the upcoming MagIRC is out. The first MagIRC preview release is expected by the end of this month.