News » 26.11.2008 - Denora's future: Anope!

First off: I'm very proud to announce that future Denora development is going to merge back into Anope, what I believe to be the most popular IRC services package on the planet.

Denora partially forked off an early Anope 1.7 development version, porting Thales' features to Anope's core, which means there are many similarities between Anope and Denora code-wise. Unifying both projects will benefit our users: Anope 1.9+ will be more attractive thanks to Denora's statistical features, the userbase will be bigger, and development will be more active. While I will concentrate mainly on the statistical features, core issues which would be shared by both projects can be addressed by developers once only which will provide faster and more reliable development.

How will this work?
Well, basically Denora's features will be integrated into Anope 1.9 as a StatServ module and make use of Anope's new core. This will allow for seamless integration with Anope's services such as NickServ or ChanServ. Of course many existing features will be improved and many new features will be incorporated. Yummy.

So what will happen to Denora?

  • Denora 1.4.x will still be maintained
  • phpDenora2 is in the works and will be maintained until Denora is.
  • phpDenora2 will eventually be forked to phpAnope, to integrate all of Anope 1.9's functionality.

As you can see, the future looks very interesting. Stay tuned!

You also my have a look at Anope's announcement on this matter.