Denora Support

  • WiKi
    Get the most up-to-date documentation, howtos and tips&tricks for Denora
  • Forum
    Post messages and discuss feature requests, problems and the like with other users
  • IRC Channel
    If all of the above doesn't help you, or you just want to talk to a human, you can try and catch us on the Teranova network, reachable from #denora or Mibbit
  • Bug Tracker
    Keep track of Denora's bugs or submit your own report
    Please observe the following recommendations for reporting a bug:
    When reporting a bug, please specify which version of Denora you are using, with which IRCd, which OS version, and any other useful information that may help us to reproduce and eventually fix your issue more quickly.
    When reporting a crash (segfault), please include a full backtrace of it. The procedure of obtaining a backtrace (on *nix systems) is as follows:
    • Shut down Denora if it's running
    • Start the debugger with gdb ./stats
    • Start Denora from the debugger with
      run -nofork -debug -protocoldebug -sql
    • Make Denora crash
    • In the debugger, type bt full
    • Paste the whole output of the backtrace, and possibly at least the last 15 lines of the debug log in your bug report